The story of Nunziella Salluce starts more than 26 years ago, in a warm evening of the end of March (the 27th of March 1990, to be more precise), when the happy news of the birth of a girl arrives in the Salluce family. Nunziella grows up in her father's printing shop, playing with coloured paper and starting to learn, since her early childhood, the first secrets of the art of printing, deeply falling in love with it. That’s why after high school, without hesitation, she decided to enter the European Institute of Design and Graphics in Rome. Nunziella now lives in London and her creations are characterised by a melting pot of traditions and innovation. The tricks of the craft marry perfectly with new computer technologies.


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Print Design
E-mail Design
Invision/Adobe xD

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